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Places to stay in Malaga?

I'm traveling in and out of Malaga, Spain airport and could use some recommendations for a place to stay. I need to stay one night near the airport (arriving early to make sure I meet some friends the next day at the airport). Then staying two nights about a week later before returning to the US. That one can be pretty much anywhere since I don't know what my plans are for those days. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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When I flew in and out I stayed at the Holiday Inn (maybe express?) right near the airport as I was meeting a bunch of people also. Just made it easy and one or two people were delayed so we were glad not to be in the city. I don't think there was a shuttle, but we took the bus and it worked great. The late people took a taxi. On the way out we had a few days and a late flight so we stayed right in Malaga. Don't remember the hotel (maybe Don Carlos?) but we had midday flights and took a taxi to the airport. We really liked Malaga a lot. It was a great city to spend some time.

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I would be staying in the city, there is nothing of any interest by the airport except three or four hotels. Any directory should find those by the airport or elsewhere for that matter - perhaps. Without knowing your budget or what else you want from an accommodation, I usually stay room only in the Malaga IBIS centro and book in advance for cheaper.
Your flight arrival and departure times might influence, but the cercanias (commuter) train runs every twenty minutes, from about 0700 hrs. to 2400 hrs. and is a 12 minute journey to/from Malaga centro to/from the airport.

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Thanks for reply's! I'll take a look at both! If train runs every 20 min might be better to just stay in town and at the same place both times. Then I'll know where I will be. :)