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Picasso Museum Tickets: Site Froze, Resubmitted, Now Ee have Double Tickets

Per RS's book, we used the Picasso Museum website to pre-purchase our tickets before our trip to avoid waiting in line. We selected our date (6/19) / time (1000), received confirmation, entered our credit card info, but the site froze and we did not receive tickets. We waited over an hour, closed the site, and emailed Picasso Museum to explain we had confirmation, but no tickets, and asked what to do. We never received an answer.

Next day, we went back in, used a different computer, repeated the process. The system froze at the same step. We again waited, and closed the site after about an hour, not wanting our credit card info out in cyberspace indefinitely. The next day, we received an email with our tickets. We looked at our online VISA statement and see our card has been charged twice, once for each attempted transaction. Two charges but one set of tickets.

Any experiences with, and resolution for, this? We are in BCN now, and will be using our tickets this Thursday, 6/19. We brought our VISA statement with us. Do we call, show it to them that day, write a pleading letter when we return, or donate the ~$43 to BCN/Picasso and chalk it up to the annals of 'Mistakes When Traveling'?

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I don't know how it works with their site, but for instance when buying train tickets through Rail Europe, it's not unusual for the bank to release an approval/hold code for a purchase but the purchase still gets hung up online and not completed. If that booking is not completed, then the approval will automatically expire within a few days. With many online Visa statements, it's hard to tell the difference between a hold/pending/completed transaction. Contacting your bank will be the easiest way to clear that up.

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Call your credit card company right away, and see what actually went through. If both charges went through, dispute the second charge immediately. They'll help you get it resolved so you shouldn't have to pay twice.