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Parking in Tarifa?

We plan to stay 2 nights in the Tarifa area and go on a 1 day tour to Tangiers. It seems that you get lots more hotel for you money in nearby Algeciras. Does anyone know where we could park our car cheaply in Tarifa for the day or how much it would be to take a cab Algeciras to Tarifa.

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That might be true, but my recollection is that Algeciras is a wasteland while Tarifa has a charming old town. I'd rather have less hotel in a better location, and without an extra half-hour each way drive time.

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Algeciras is an industrial looking dump. I considered it too but when we drove through I was glad I hadn't chosen it.

I was really happy with Hotel la Torre (it was first on our list, but was also recommended by a bar owner we met in Granada):

It's about 5 miles west of Tarifa, and has free parking and a good restaurant on sight. We still went into Tarifa for dinners, there's an alley with great places - one was called Patio de Abuela (our favorite was a door or two down from there but I don't recall the name).

You can drive downtown and near the East gate (the gate and wall were being reconstructed when I was there) there are several large parking lots that don't charge too much for parking. From there it's a short walk into downtown.

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We did this exact thing two months ago. We just parked on the street. It wasn't a problem at all. When we left for our day trip to Tangiers, I paid the meter and put it in the window of the car and it was fine. It's only paid for a few hours. They seem to be very laid back as explained by our hotel. You can also park by the port that goes to Tangiers. Tafifa is a really cool town, we really liked it. Read the Rick book for suggestions on hotels and restaurants. Every place we went was really good. We stayed at Hotel Misiana. Have fun!