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Park Güell Go and stroll of purchase entry

As I read about Gaudi’s magical wonders In the Park Guell and The Monumental Zone, I am not clear regarding the need to purchase entry. Our family, 6 adults and 4 children ranging in age from 4-10, look forward to exploring this gem in Barcelona. Prearranged entry date and time locks us in rather than allowing for freedom to go with the flow. Yet the Monumental Zone sounds enchanting for all.
To schedule and buy, or not and roll with our wonderings, that is my question.

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The last time we went to Park Güell was in 2009, so our experience may no longer apply. but, there are at least 3 entrances to the park. Two of them are lower than the main collection of Gaudi stuff. The best is located at the altitude of the Gaudi stuff except form what you see descending to the main entrance. On our 2 visits, we always left the park by the main entrance, but never entered there. We entered once by the deserted entrance just south of the main entrance Close to metro) and once by the entrance at the Gaudi level (take taxi). Neither had a an admissions price, or even a gate attendant. Might have changed, but check it out when you get there.

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Our hotel concierge is in process of arranging entrance. Must we purchase tickets for access to the Monumental Zone?

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And you must buy them in advance. They no longer sell tickets at the park itself. The entry ticket covers a ride on a shuttle bus from one of the Metro stations.

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Dear Zagfam, Parc Guell is one of my favorite Gaudi experiences and with children scampering through it's magical pathways it would be amazing. There are however a few issues. One, it can and often does get VERY crowded. The way I've dealt with my desire to maintain the enchantment of the park is to go VERY early. I usually try to get to the entrance by 6:30 (btw, entrance is free until 8,) then wander the paths until I approach the upper deck for a magnificent sunrise. However magical, having had several children, I do realize this might not be possible. My next suggestion would be to go as early as possible and avoid weekends/holidays. The second issue is that you'll need to keep a very close eye on your kiddos. There is so much to see (and climb on!) but this is NOT an American park with rails and warning signs. There are LOTS of areas that would have given me grey hair if I'd gone with 4 little ones, so be prepared.