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Paris and Southern Spain in Mid-February- March 7

My husband decided the price to Paris was too good to pass up, even in mid- February. I'm thinking that we will spend maybe 3-4 days in Paris ( the Louve, Eiffle Tower...) and then travel to S. Spain for weather that's a bit nicer. Recommendations on what to be sure to see in Paris? Lodging, food (prefers small, local) recommendations? And S. Spain? Recommendations on where to stay, what to see? Am I crazy to think about horse back riding there at that time of year? We like history and architecture, trying local cuisine, the outdoors, cultural experiences and unique "off the beaten path" opportunities.

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How many nights do you plan to spend in southern Spain? It's difficult to know what to propose without that key information.

The three top destinations, without a doubt, are Seville (ideally at least 4 nights), Cordoba (ideally at least 2 nights) and Granada (ideally at least 3 nights). Cordoba can be treated as a day-trip from Seville, but it deserves more time than that; three nights wouldn't be too many. If you day-trip to Cordoba, you need more nights in Seville. If you had to, you could cut Granada to two nights. Granada is at some altitude and will almost certainly be cooler than the other two; the average high and low temperatures are both about 13 degrees (F) lower.

There are many attractive smaller towns as well, but before we get into that, please tell us how many nights we're working with.

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Paris will be cold, but you have some great indoor things to do like the Lourve.

Seville is the number one city to see in S. Spain. Granada is good to see the Alhambra. Also, Cordoba. Need a week at least for that part of Spain.