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Palau de la Musica Catalana - Dress Code for Evening Performance

This might have been covered before, but I was hoping for some guidance. We were hoping to see one of the performances at the Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona in early July. As someone who packs really light (carry-on only), I'm concerned about making sure I have appropriate clothes for the concert. If it matters, we'll be sitting in the cheap seats.

One of us is very uncomfortable in the heat. And we all know how hot it can get in July. So, can we wear dark jeans and a polo-type shirt (we're both men)? Is a jacket required? How about short pants?

Any advice is appreciated. Although we've traveled to Spain annually for the last 12 years, we've never been to the Palau.

Moltes Gracies.


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I just looked back at some photos from our night at the Palau de la Musica Catalana and see that my husband is wearing a short sleeve button down shirt (cotton) and lightweight, long Khakis pants (dockers). Enjoy the was one of our favorite nights in Barcelona.

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Thank you! I think I can manage that outfit. I'm sort of imagining that "nice pants" and a collared shirt might do it -- like you suggested. Jeans are terribly impractical to travel with, but I find them to be the most comfortable pants to wear (on the plane and it it's chilly). Maybe I'll start looking for some black jeans or something like that. Thanks again.

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We travel with jeans, dark blue and black, but depending on the time of year and our plans my husband has traveled with a pair of black Dockers. A lighter color might be cooler, but if they got soiled it would show more easily. I don’t recall seeing many people in Europe wearing polo shirts, though my husband usually packs one. I always encourage him to bring one button down shirt. It’s definitely easier for women to dress up a bit without have to bring anything extra. We only use carry on bags.

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You will see a cross section of fashion. You'll see folks in 1920s- inspired gowns and you'll see people in dress shorts and polos. Bottom line, you definitely do NOT need to wear a jacket.

It's a beautiful venue... enjoy.

(one note of caution... make sure that your performance is in the main concert hall as they have multiple spaces)

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We just attended a performance at the Palau two months ago, and I was a little surprised by the level of casual dress. it was almost like a venue in the States, but then again, I could tell that we were surrounded mostly by other tourists who probably didn't want to pack extra, either. Regardless, make sure to take a tour of the building during the daytime hours, so you can see the total effect of all the stained glass.