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Palace of Catalan Music in Barcelona -- tour or concert?

I'll be Barcelona in mid-October and one of the places I want to visit is the Palace of Catalan Music. I'm trying to decide between a daytime English-language tour and an early-evening concert (in the main concert hall). I'm sure I'll get more information on the tour but a concert would be a different way to see the place, plus not cutting into daytime sightseeing elsewhere. The concert is two young pianists, I'm sure they're fine but the music itself isn't that important to me. The prices are comparable so that's not a factor.

Any advice based on anyone's experience? Is the tour really good? Is the experience of hearing a concert there competitive?

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Have not done the tour, but did go to a concert there and it was magnificent!

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I was in Barcelona in May on the Rick Steves Barcelona/Madrid tour. I wanted to see the Palau during my free time on the 2 days before the tour began. I checked the Palau's concert schedule and was not interested, so instead I did the English language tour, which I enjoyed. I especially liked the 15 or so minutes we had to walk around the empty concert hall and take photos. On the other hand, a couple on my RS tour did go to an evening concert at the Palau and said the setting (and music) were very impressive. My recommendation is: if you are reasonably interested in hearing the two pianists, go to the concert and arrive early enough to have time to walk around. I think the daytime tour is good but not great/I don't think you learn that much or see that much that you couldn't experience just looking at the Palau's interior on your own before/during the concert.

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I have only been on the tour, but would definitely advise going to a concert if there is one of any interest at all. That is my number one desired destination the next time I go to Barcelona. This building is the most beautiful I have ever been to, and the tour is too fast to just really look deeply at it. Just be sure that the concert is in the main hall - you will see on the web site concerts listed for the "petit palau" (I think) - that is not the main concert hall. Enjoy your trip!

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We attended a Flamenco performance at the Palace in September, 2017. The performance was fantastic. The facility and the bar are open prior to the concert which provides an enjoyable experience. The concert hall is pretty impressive. If you do have the opportunity for a concert, I would totally recommend attending.

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Problem solved -- I returned to the Palau website and they're now offering an English tour + concert package for a good price, so I went for it. Now I learn there's a bar -- even better! The tour is at 4:30 and the concert at 6:00, so I should have some free time for a drink and a look around on my own. And the concert is in the main hall.

So thanks to all, I'll raise a glass to you! ;-)