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Overnight train

We are traveling to Barcelona from Seville, and it seems that the typical train ride will be about 5:30-6 hours long. To me, it makes more sense to do this as an overnight ride, and that way we don't waste a half day traveling. Has anyone done this for this particular itinerary, and if so, any recommendations or tips that could help us plan it out?


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Looking at the times, there is no direct night train from Seville to Barcelona, you have to change at Granada. The overnight train is:

Depart Sevilla-San Bernardo 18:03, arrive Granada 21:11 (normal day train)
Depart Granada 21:30, arrive Barcelona Sants 08:39 (hotel train)

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No, I don't think a 5.5-6 hour daytime train ride is really long enough to push an overnight preference, especially since there is not a direct overnight. I'd prefer one of the direct daytime departures, at 8:50 or 14:50 and bring some lunch or dinner supplies on the train.

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Depending on how light or heavy a sleeper you are, night trains can be a mixed bag of pluses and minuses. You can arrive at your destination, bright and early, ready to go, or you can be worn out from stops throughout the night, with the train stopping and starting up again, possibly waking you up repeatedly throughout the process. At least you wouldn't be dealing with a border crossing, like we had 10 years ago going from Bulgaria to Romania!

This can have pluses and minuses, too (including having to get to the airport, deal with Security, etc.), but have you looked at possibly flying, using a cheap, quick flight on Vueling Air or other airline?

Last year, we did have to scan our luggage thru the x-ray machine before boarding trains in Spain, but it was much less hassle than airport security. Happy travels!

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I hadn't even thought about the multiple stops! It doesnt sound like a good idea, now that ive read your replies! Thanks for the heads up!

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Hello Mrs V,
I have taken the AVE from Seville to Barcelona a couple of times and even though it is 5.5 hours ride, it is an easy train trip. There need not be any train changes. The train does make some quick stops (Cordoba for example), but you just keep on riding.
Years ago I took several night trains in various countries, (Germany, Italy, etc.), but I haven't done so for years now and I really do not recommend it. I was never able to get sufficient rest on the train to make it feel worthwhile. It was always too hot and too noisy for my taste and comfort. Sometime you cannot avoid it - going from Madrid to Lisbon for example - but in your case there are much better options available to you.

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I would recommend the 1450 direct train from Seville to Barcelona.
Gives you the morning at least in Sevilla and arrive in Barcelona at 2022 in time for dinner.

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Or fly. You can cut a couple hours off the travel time. Otherwise, the AVE is comfortable and you'll see countryside (if daylight).