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On the go

Even though I have read people suggesting not to be on the go too much, I feel that while in Spain, I want to cover as much as I can. I am waiting for
Train tickets to b mailed, but it has been weeks, and still no tickets. I purchased train insurance, so now I am wondering if I should or could take out 2 cities. My husband and I r in our 40s and our kids r
12 & 15. We r to Arrive in Madrid noon Monday- take walking tour. Tuesday - take 1/2 day bus tour to Toledo. Then train down to Cordoba. Attend
Flamenco show at night. Wednesday - take 11 am train to Seville. Enjoy carriage ride, walk around. Take train to resort on coast. Thursday- take private jeep ride to Ronda. Collapse that night back at the resort. Friday- rest and enjoy resort! Saturday - 10am driver take us to Granada where we'll tour Alhambra. 7pm fly to Barcelona. Sunday- go on walking tour, walk all over, eat, relax, 5:00 train to Valencia, arriving at 8 pm. Monday & Tuesday relax and enjoy seeing our older daughter who is studying in Valencia for 2 months. Wednesday - take 9:30 train back to Madrid to fly out.

I hate to take anything out, and not sure if I really can at this point, we leave in 2 weeks, but should I see if I can take out the Toledo bus trip and Seville for the afternoon, allowing less travel and more relaxation at resort and Madrid?

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Seems you will create memories of travel.
Have you asked your children what is important to them?
I would drop toledo as it has become a mass of humanity and more then ever just a spot of tourist.
Spend the day in madrid. Skip cordoba and spend more time in seville.
Have you opened up google earth to see how much geography you are covering? And in such short time periods?
Please take out a daily calendar and block out the hours being devoted daily from point A to point B. Then compare the time spent traveling to the amount of time you have to actually spend doing something in each location.
My concern is you will return from this trip being able to say you have been to Spain, but really experienced so little of Spain.
Regarding the train tickets, from whom did you buy them? I download my tickets and boarding passes from Renfe.
Please rethink this odyssey you have planned, slow down and gain more enjoyment. I cannot even fathom why you would go to Barcelona just to walk around.

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Thank you! I was able to take out Toledo and Cordoba! Also, I've got my train tickets worked out with Rail Europe, shew! I prayed for God to help me to know what to do, and He answered my prayer! He didn't allow the crazy plan to be processed, and now that I have a more reasonable plan, it is going through. Sigh, thank you Lord, and thank you, for being a part of His plan! Also, we aren't 'just walking around' Barcelona. We are going on a walking tour of Barcelona and experiencing and enjoying many things in Barcelona, just didn't want to type all the details. Thanks so much for your help!

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Who is mailing you train tickets? Renfe, Petrabax, and Rail Europe all offer e-tickets in many cases, so are you sure yours are not e-tickets? Check your order confirmation email; you can forward a copy to if you have a question about the confirmation.