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No more luggage storage at Barcelona (BCN) airport

Seems like a casualty of Covid but as of May 2022 there are zero options for luggage storage at BCN airport which really ruined my layover plan.
There is a sleep and fly in the airport which is a lounge and has beds/rooms available but they claim to not offer luggage storage either and was told all beds/rooms were sold out on the day we arrived so that was not an option either.
With no way to hold our bags we were forced to hang out in the airport all day and stayed most of the time at the Sleep and Fly lounge.

Disappointed as it is hard to get updates like this ; my pre-trip planning made it seem like luggage storage at the airport would be easy but was all based on pre-Covid experiences so maybe this update will help others.

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I am sorry to hear about your experience. It seems the places that store luggage at the airport, run by Excess Baggage Company are indeed 'temporary' closed -or so they say.

I don't know where you sourced your information re:airport, I would like however mention once more that the site -which ranks high in Google searches- IS NOT the official airport site. The OFFICIAL site is which is run by the Spanish public authority AENA, responsible for all of the airports in Spain.

This is not to say private sites can't provide good info and good services, of course, it's just that when a public (=municipal/state/federal run) service is involved, it's always "safer" to go to the horse's mouth if you catch my drift. This applies as well to train services in Spain (they're supposed to be semi-private, but the government is the largest shareholder), metro and tramway lines in big cities and some tourist attractions.

My advice is to always rely on the OFFICIAL site and in case of conflictive information (with a private site) I would bet for the official one -which most of the time will be right.

PS. And yet some official sites are a total c***p, I grant you that!

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I was in Barcelona in 2019 and there was a storage place for luggage at Pl Catalunya. Took the bas from airport, dropped bags at a storage facility at Pl Catalunya, enjoyed the city for few hours