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No Boarding Passes & Our Flight is tonight!

We're flying from San Francisco to Barcelona tonight on Level Airlines, which is a subsidiary of Iberia. They apparently have a relationship with Vueling and I think that it's a Vueling flight. Complicated isn't it?

Our flight is at 8:20 pm and we've yet to receive boarding passes. I realize that we can go to a kiosk and put the booking code in, but, does anybody have any experience with this type of situation?

Makes me a little nervous.

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Iberia, British Airways, Vueling, and Level are owned by the same company : the IAG. Their Vueling brand does not fly in the USA.

Normally you would have to check in online to get a boarding pass. The online checkin opens usually 24 hours before departure. Did you try to check in online?

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Shared routes are common with partner airlines and are often the norm not the exception for long haul flights.

You either get a boarding card by checking in online (a virtual boarding card) or you queue at the desk when you arrive at the airport.

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International flights are tricky as sometimes I have been able to check in online and other times not.

If you can’t check in online, I would allow at least an extra hour to deal with it at the airport. I recently had to stand in multiple lines at CDG because I couldn’t get a boarding pass ahead of time. Had plenty of time but it will calm your nerves if there is any issues to resolve. There were in my case.

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there is a "check in" tab, but, it's not clickable. nothing happens when i click it. i guess we'll just get it at the airport. thank you.

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I wouldn't sweat it. You may not be able to check-in online because their website isn't working properly or, and this may be the most likely explanation, the airline wants to see your passport before they give you a boarding pass.

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Have you tried a different computer? There have been a few times when I couldn't get things to work on my Mac, versus on my PC. But we were always able to check in, just not get a boarding pass until we got there and showed our passports..

Just go early.