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Night train from Granada to Barcelona

I am considering taking a night train from Granada to Barcelona. Can anyone help me with the different classes of tickets? I am traveling with two others, if we can get beds that would be much preferred. How are those arranged? If we don't do beds, what are second class seats like? Is it possible to get much sleep in the seats? Any help or advice would be great.

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I'm not a fan of night trains because I have a difficult time sleeping on the train especially if one has to transfer trains en route to final destination.

I'd suggest flying to Barcelona instead.

You may want to check these websites for best prices:

If you decide to take the night train, here is the information you're looking for:

Have a wonderful trip!

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"Is it possible to get much sleep in the seats?"

That depends on you. But as Priscilla says, many find they have trouble sleeping on beds on night trains, so seats would be even harder for them.

Some on this Forum are fans of night trains, but others say "never again." Remember that if you don't get sleep, you arrived tired, unwashed, and cranky. To enhance your chance of sleep on that train, you definitely want the best sleeping accommodations you can afford.

To find all flights on that route, check Skyscanner:

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Fly, as we have done both and founf flying to be a better use of our time and money.

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See my reply to a previous post a week or so ago.

My family did it a few years back. We did the private cabins with private bathrooms. They feed you dinner in a private dining car upon departure. We had never done it before so it was fun for the novelty but I wouldn't do it again. The train is a local stopping 12-15 times and not very smooth. I found myself waking up constantly with the jerking back and forth at the stops.

For me, I would only do it again if I couldn't get a flight to Barcelona.

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I now find the Trenhotel tickets available to purchase from Renfe for travel dates through June 29, so the train is running at least that long. (There's some suspicion that they may be thinking of cancelling it later in the year, but I have not heard any concrete news to that effect.) I don't find online booking available for pass holders, so you could book in Spain (as mentioned in you last thread) or perhaps by phone with US agents like Rail Europe (800-438-78245 and leave your number for a call back) or Petrabax. I would choose a flat bunkbed over a reclining seat.

This is the last thread to which Joe and I both replied:

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Thanks for the advice on flights. Is it typical that the price on these flights fluctuates as much as 20 euro in less than 24 hours? Prices yesterday were about 100 euro and today are 120 euro. Should I buy now, or might prices come back down? Thanks for any help you can give.