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New to travelling, going to Malaga

Hi all! I am planning to travel to Malaga at the end of May this year. I've never flown internationally before (I do have a passport because I have a separate trip to London in a month). On the way home, there's a flight that is AGP -> CDG for 1h 30m then home to Detroit. I looked online but I need it spelled out for me: Is this enough time? I do not need to go through any security/customs when going to France? My outbound trip is the same airports just with a longer layover so ideally I'd like to take the same way back. (However the other flight listing is about 7h layover time so assuming I'm just overthinking and do not need all that time for security, I don't want to sit around bored)

And I guess while I'm here, I'm staying for a week and a half- what should I pack?

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I'll let others address the CDG question, because I've never changed planes there.

The weather in Malaga will normally be in the pleasant-to-hot range in late May and early June. I'd pack summer-weight clothing, one non-bulky warm layer (it might be cool and breezy after sunset) and a rain jacket/windbreaker. My warm layer is a rather lightweight fleece jacket. If you're really pressed for space in your suitcase, you might get by without the warm layer and just use the windbreaker.

The website has actual, historical, day-by-day weather statistics for most places of tourist interest. It's where I go for weather info when scheduling a trip or contemplating what to pack.

Malaga weather - May 2023

Malaga weather - June 2023

Weather can vary a lot from year to year, so I try to check five years' worth of data. You can use the pull-down box the right, just above the graph, to display other months and years.

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CDG can be a bit of a cluster for transfers, but it's not always - it all depends on the details. I would generally consider 90 minutes to be a tight (maybe way too tight) connection there. If you have to change terminals, transfers can take a surprisingly long time.

First critical question: are you traveling on a single ticket (AGP-CDG-DTW), or two separate tickets (one ticket AGP-CDG, and another ticket CDG-DTW)? If a single ticket, it may be OK (assuming your first flight is on time), though with just 90 minutes, I'd be sweating it. If two separate tickets, I wouldn't attempt it.

No "customs" upon arrival in CDG, but if you have to change terminals, you may have to clear security again. Devil is in the details. CDG is not a favorite airport for transfers.