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Need efficient itinerary for train/car to Ronda, Tarifa, Granada

We have planned most of our trip in September but I am stuck on this part:
We will leave Sevilla and go to Tarifa to spend time in Morocco, go to Ronda to spend time also in Zahara and Grazalema and see the villages and do some hiking in the National Park, and eventually end up in Granada. (not necessarily in this order)

My husband does not like to do a lot of driving, but we know we will need a car rental to see Ronda, Zahara and Grazalema in a leisurely fashion, so I thought we would rent a car in Ronda and then travel around. I am not interested in Arcos.
So, which of the following is the most efficient?

1)Train from Sevilla to Algecira then bus to Tarifa---
Bus from Tarifa to Algecira--- then train to Ronda and pick up a car and tour---
Drop the car back at Ronda--- train to Granada

2) Train from Sevilla to Ronda and pick up a car and tour---
Drop the car back at Ronda --- train to Algecira and bus to Tarifa ---
Bus back to Algecira --- train to Granada

3) any other suggestions?

We will train back to Madrid from Granada

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Before you go too far with this idea, make sure you can actually rent a car in Ronda.

It's doubtful that any of the majors have an outlet. If you're going to rent from a local outfit, you'd better be able to read Spanish well enough to understand the legal implication of the placement of every comma in the rental contract. Also, a local company probably won't let you drop anywhere else.

Algeciras would work. The drive up to Ronda is about as long as the train, probably, maybe an hour and a half.

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Ok, this is what I was worried about. I haven't checked, but thought I might not be able to rent a car in Ronda from a major company. So if I understand you correctly, I could rent a car in Algeciras and drive to Ronda. Would I then be able to drive to Granada and drop it off there? Is that a long drive? Or would I have to drive back to Algecrias and then train to Granada from there?
Thanks for your prompt reply!

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It's only a couple of hours from Ronda over to Granada, three at the very most.

Use and plug in the pickup and drop points. It shouldn't be a problem. Both Hertz and Europcar have agencies in both cities.

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You often pay the same price to keep a car for one, two, or three days, when you book from home. Once you go to the "trouble" of picking up a car, you might as well keep it for as long as it can add convenience. If that means you leave it parked in Tarifa, it's not doing you any good that day, but it also might not cost you any more.

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Great idea. Then I wouldn't have to take the bus from Algeciras to Tarifa. Thanks so much.