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National Day in Catalunya 11 Sept is here again

RS himself mentions today's commemoration on his Facebook page and I think I've posted here in the Forum about it before, so I'm surprised it doesn't get some discussion here every year --

Catalunya formally observes the end of the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714 on 9/11,
as their Diada Nacional,
which in some ways seems peculiar because it was a defeat, not a victory.

This year's observance includes recognition of the victims and caregivers in the current pandemic.

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I am afraid the Diada Nacional de Catalunya every Sep 11th doesn't "celebrate" anything nor observes the end of that war per se -which ended later btw-. It's a day to commemorate and remember the fall of Barcelona which brought the loss of Catalonia's freedoms and constitutions to the invading franco-spanish armies and the ulterior disbandment of the Catalan laws, legal institutions and way of life in general ordered and imposed by the Spanish(Castillian) king Felipe V -direct ascendant of the current Spanish king by the way (hence the reason he's often booed when visiting).

As you might be aware, the demands for independence have been renewed and support is growing steadily with a forecast of +50% of the vote (the indy seats in the semi-devolved Catalan Parliament have obtained majority for a number of elections already) in the next election to be held in a few months.

Just clarifying.

Btw, for those that have never been... these are some the previous two past Sep 11th in Barcelona: 2018, 2017

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I was in Barcelona one Sept. 11 about 10 years ago. It was pretty interesting for a tourist who knew little about the day. There were a number of activities and, if I remember, groups with banners and maybe tables around the arc de triompf as well as memorials with flowers and burning lights at several sites, at least one in the Born I believe. In addition to the focus on Catalan independence, there were also other contemporary social movements represented.