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My itinerary time frame

hello! So I have my cities picked out, just unsure if my time frame in each city is correct.

Fly into Madrid, land late afternoon. stay 3 nights (2 and 1/2 days). Bus to Granada, stay 3 nights (2 and 1/2 days). Bus to Seville, stay 2 nights (1 and 1/2 days), Train to Cadiz, stay 3 nights (2 and a 1/2 days). Train back to Madrid (1 night and fly out in the morning).

Am I making a mistake with Seville? Is that enough time? I'm not really excited about Seville for some reason. Im really only going because its the easiest way to get to Cadiz. But is there more to see in Seville that I'm missing? Should I take a day away from Cadiz or Granada and stay an extra day in Seville? I always worry that I'm in one city too long and not long enough in another city. (I cant take time away from Madrid, because we will be visiting friends there)

I was even thinking of taking the full day away from Seville, adding it Cadiz, and taking a day trip to Tangiers. (please dont judge lol) I know theres a lot of hate towards Tangiers. But I would love nothing more than to spend a day in the chaotic environment of a historic Moroccan town. However, I do like a stress free itinerary and that does seem like a lot of work to get there.


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You are way, way short on time in Seville, and I agree that Cordoba is also a great destination. But Seville is the biggie. Have you looked at Rick's top sights posted on this website? You can find them by clicking on Explore Europe, then Spain, then Sevilla, then At a lance.

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Your time in Cadiz seems a little long. It is much smaller than the other cities you are visiting. What are you interested in doing there? We did Cadiz as a day trip. Enjoyed walking around on the beaches, and walking through the city. We did not visit the cathedral. I would think a day and 1/2 there would be enough and you could use the other day somewhere else. (day trip to Cordoba?)

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Also, when I was there in March, I found a day and a half to be enough for Seville. If what you want to see can fit into that time schedule, don't add more time.

Full disclosure: I don't visit every museum and church in every city. (first trip we did that and burned out halfway through the trip) I usually pick "the best" and save the rest for next trip. For me, the cathedral in Seville is "the best". It is the third largest in Europe (after St. Peters in Rome and St Pauls in London) and was wonderful.

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I wasn't that impressed with Sevilla. 1 1/2 days would be plenty for me.

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Ahh see I wasnt impressed with everything I was reading about Seville either! I feel like my "must see" Seville list was short. But had to ask to make sure I wasnt completely wrong. I gave Cadiz that amount of time because I fell in love with pictures and the history. I am not huge on museums, but definitely archeological sites. Also, I am more than happy spending a day eating tapas and drinking wine:) But ok think Cordoba is a must and have to figure out how to get that in. I am not one for day trips (back and forth in the same day), I prefer spending the night where ever it is I go.

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Everyone is different and like different things. We loved, loved Seville! It's a beautiful city with lovely architecture, historical and cultural sites, plazas, fountains, parks, etc. We spent 4 nights in Seville, and could have used an extra night. What is there to see? Well, you should get a guidebook, but this is what we loved: The Alcazar is gorgeous and historically important, and you shouldn't rush through it; the Seville Cathedral is magnificent; we loved Casa di Pilatos, a small palace that is off the beaten path. Not crowded at all. Just wandering around Seville is a treat for the eyes: Barrio Santa Cruz, Triana, Plaza de Espagna, Maria Luisa Park. Take a carriage ride, see a flamenco show. Eat delicious food. Visit markets, such as the Mercado de Triana and/or Mercado Barranca.

Can't comment on Cadiz because I haven't been there.

I do recommend visiting Cordoba either for a day or spend one night there.

I would take one night away from Granada and add it to either Seville or to Cordoba. If people think you don't need 3 nights in Cadiz, then also take a night from Cadiz.