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Multiple Prado Questions

  1. In older Forum posts, posters mention a RS audio tour for the Prado (not the Prado's audio guide). I don't see a Prado audio tour on my RS app. Does anyone know whether one exists?

  2. In recommending purchasing online tickets, RS Guidebook says, "You'll receive an email with a voucher which you'll then need to exchange for a paper ticket at the Goya Entrance (use shorter online-ticket line), then join the line for security at the Jeronimos Entrance." It seems counterintuitive to purchase an online ticket and then stand in line to exchange it for a paper this really how it works? I had assumed I would be proceeding straight to the Jeronimos Entrance.

  3. I've seen mention of two-day tickets, but don't see those for sale on the Prado website. Do they exist?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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  1. I have used multiple RS audio tours. I didn't use one at the Prado, which leads me to believe there wasn't one. On my first visit, I did use the Prado's audio guide and thought it was very useful. On my first visit, I didn't have a plan (I'm not much on detailed planning, sigh). There was a leaflet with the "top 50" works, so that became my plan. I managed to see about 30 of them - a couple eluded me, a couple were "on vacation", and then I simply ran out of steam. I also stopped to look at (often using the audio guide) many other works along my trek. The museum is huge. In retrospect I should have looked at the museum map and collections and decided in advance what I most wanted to see, whether a painter, a school, or a specific work.

  2. The line to exchange the voucher for a ticket should be short and fast. The line to purchase tickets is usually long and slow. It's been a while, but I think the ticket booths are very close to the security check at the entrance.

  3. dunno

Enjoy the Prado, Madrid, and Spain.

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I have read that if you purchase timed entry tickets, you do not have to wait in line to exchange voucher for an actual ticket.

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Depending on how long you plan to visit the museum, the couple free admission hours might suffice. They were more than enough for my wife and I, but we had been to the Prado twice previously. The Reina Sofía also has free admission hours.

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A note on free admission times at the Prado (and maybe others)—a timed ticket must still be booked in advance. Can’t just walk in during free times.

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Contrary to what Scudder said, in June this year my wife and I just got in line at the Prado about 40 minutes before the free admission. We were given a timed entry, but nobody at the door paid attention to it. They were letting everybody in no matter what time was on the ticket. So, while you may be able to reserve ahead of time that would save time waiting in line, it is not required.