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Morocco via Spain

Greeting All!

We are taking our first trip to Spain in May and had interest going to Morocco for a day trip and possible stay one night. Anyone have some insight they could share please? I've already read what Rick had to say in the Spain 2014 guide book.


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You must mean Tangier.

Everybody's going to say it's like going to Tijuana and claiming you know Mexico, but it's not necessarily so.

On the other hand, it ain't Fez, Marakech, the mountains, the coast, or the desert, either.

If you have a month in Spain and want to lob off a couple or three days have at it. Otherwise it's too much transit/logistical time (you're probably not going to spend a couple of nights at a Spanish ferry port if you aren't headed to Africa).

If I had two months, I might split the two countries fifty-fifty. With one month, I'd stick to one country or the other.

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As above.
You cannot and will not see Morocco in a day trip or with an overnight. You can see the unrepresentative city of Tangier.

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I was tempted when I went to Andalusia last year, by both Morocco and Gibraltar. In the end, I skipped both. Morocco for the reasons given, Gibraltar, because I asked a lot of British ex-pats living in the south and they almost all said that it was not very nice. I spent 3 weeks in Andalusia and never ran out of things to see and do. . . and left a lot for next time as well.

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While I loved southern Spain and could have spent lots more time there we did venture off to Morocco and loved it. We did however have 3 days and went to Chefchouen and Assila as well as Tangiers. I still think I would have enjoyed it if I had only been to Tangiers. It is, after all, a whole different culture as well as being in Africa. Might give you a reason to return, but if you decide not to visit you will find plenty to do in Spain.

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Find a cheap flight and go to Marrakesh.