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More time in Sevilla or Granada?

Hi all, I'm working on finalizing my itinerary and right now I have it planned so that we will have (almost) 3 full days in Granada (our flight from Barcelona arrives at 8:50am on a Saturday and we'd leave early Tuesday morning)? Later in the trip, we will be getting into Sevilla around 10am on a Friday morning and leaving Sunday morning. Would you recommend shifting the time around so that we spend more time in Sevilla so as to have almost 3 full days in Sevilla, and almost 2 full days in Granada instead? I have a feeling that the Alhambra will be the highlight of my trip; I'm also looking forward to exploring the Albaicin (will the jasmine be in bloom in May? if so, even better!) and seeing the Alhambra from the San Nicolas viewpoint. We'd also like to experience a Turkish bath. In Sevilla, we want to see the Alcazar, the cathedral, and experience a flamenco show. And in both cities we just want to take some time to wander around the neighborhoods. Anyone have any thoughts on which town is better for "lingering" - Sevilla or Granada? (I realize this is a very subjective question but appreciate all thoughts :) ).

I could also shift it around so that we leave Sevilla mid to late afternoon on Sunday, and then we'd be able to keep our three days in Granada and have 2.5 in Sevilla, but then we'd only have one evening in Madrid before our flight leaves at 11:30am the following day. (My fiancee is not very into art so we will likely skip the museums and instead just enjoy a nice dinner and maybe an early evening self-guided walking tour of some sorts; I am tempted by this idea because we tend to enjoy the smaller cities more than the large ones, so I think we will like Sevilla and Granada more than Madrid).

Thanks in advance for your help!

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The Alhambra will probably be the highlight of the trip.
It is simply unbelievable. Make sure to book your tickets ahead, just in case.
The time you lock in is just for the Nasride palace. So let's say you book 11am, you can arrive ar 9am, visit other places, gardeens, other palaces and then head on to the Nasrid palace. Try to be there 15-20 minutes ahead of your time.
But for me Sevilla was a highlight as a city. So therefore, i would spend more time in Sevilla. Amazing ambiance, many things to visit. There's this magic in Sevilla that I can't explain. Especially at night. Something happens to this gorgeous city. Make sure to go and see some Flamenco, visit the plaza de toros to feel you're not home. In the classics of course, cathedral, palace, espagna plaza, etc, etc.
But just walking in the Santa cruz area is pure joy.

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Seville is really a lovely city. The Alhambra will rightly take up most of a day, so I can see why you'd want more time in Granada. But Seville is such a nice city to just be in. The alcazar isn't huge but you could also spend hours there, and I think Seville is a more accessible city so you'll enjoy wandering around. It is a better spot for lingering. But if you feel the need to constantly be seeing sights, Granada.

Madrid is a big city but also very nice for lingerers and wanderers. One evening is not enough in my view. I'd cut out tome in Granada in favor of Madrid and Seville but that's just my subjective opinion.

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If it were me, I'd spend 2 days in Granada & 3 days in Sevilla.
Both of these cities are beautiful, but I think there's more to see & do in Sevilla.

You don't mention when your trip will be, but just make sure you book your Alhambra tickets way in advance (up to 3 months in advance)

Enjoy your trip!

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Albaicin and San Nicolas overlook doesn't take that long.. Maybe if flowers are in bloom you'll spend more time. Add the cathedral and Royal Crypt and that's just over half a day. My opinion only; 2 days in Granada and the rest in Sevilla. Taking your time at the cathedral, alzacar, and giralda will take a while. Then there's the Torre de Oro, bull ring, Plaza de espana, Maria Luisa park, and the different neighborhoods. I like both cities but am partial to Sevilla.

Neither Sevilla nor Granada is small.

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Thank you all so much for your input! Sounds like I should increase the amount of time we will spend in Sevilla :)

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Do make sure you find time to visit the Mezquita in Cordoba, either as a day trip from Sevilla or as a stop between Sevilla and Madrid.

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Hi Amy,
My husband and I went on Rick's 2014 "Best of Spain" tour and I agree that Sevilla needs more time than Granada. They are both marvelous, but just much more to see and do in Sevilla. If you are interested in comparing the two thru photos, we have linked our scrapbook to Rick's website. Just click on "scrapbook archives", then 2014, Spain, Theresa and William Barr. I know you will have a wonderful time! Teri