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Montserrat vs. Segovia Day Trip


I'll be in Spain for 10 days in early June. I have one day that I haven't decided what to do yet. I'm considering either a day trip to Segovia from Madrid, or a day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona. For people who have done both, which would you recommend?


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Segovia by far...

Look at the acquduct but make the first stop at the Alcazar on the other end of the city (Take a taxi there and walk back.) Get your tickets at the building on the left as you approach the Alcazar. From there walk back up to the main plaza at the Cathedral and from there wander on back down to to the place you entered the city. Lots to see anywhere you go in the city. Spend the entire day if you wish.

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Segovia, absolutely! Montserrat was impressive, but there is more to do in Segovia.

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Another vote for Segovia, but save Montserrat for a future trip. I enjoyed both but if I had to choose only one of the two, I would visit Segovia for all the reasons stated above. Will you have time for a trip to Toledo?

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Thanks for the input! I was leaning towards Segovia so this confirms what I was thinking.

Pat - Yes, we will be doing a day trip to Toledo from Madrid as well. It seems people highly recommend staying overnight at Toledo and/or Segovia, but for the convenience of only having to check-in to one hotel in the area I am probably leaning towards just staying in Madrid. I had thought of possibly getting a car when I arrive at the airport in Madrid and going straight to Segovia for the morning/early afternoon and then driving to Toledo and staying there for the late afternoon and overnight. Then taking the train in to Madrid from Toledo.

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I recommend taking the train to Segovia (from the Atocha train station), 2 1/2 hours, spending the night, then the train back to Madrid, and then to Toledo (1/2 hour) as opposed to driving an automobile. Much easier, especially if you are flying from the states after a long trip. Driving in Madrid is not what you want to do!!! You can take the airport express bus from the Airport to Atocha for 5 euros, and it takes about 1/2 hour door to door.

Toledo, I recommend the Posada de Manolo B&B near the cathedral. Great location and first class operation.

If you drive to Toledo, you can not enter the town proper, but must park, and walk.