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Medical Insurance

My husband and I are traveling to Spain in September. I do not plan to buy trip insurance as all of our accommodations will be paid for on site and have free cancellation if needed. My flight is able to be credited. All we need is medical insurance for 16 days. What is the best company to purchase this from?

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I don't know if there is a single, best company. Start with We carry a year around medical evacuation policy. We are more concerned with getting home if we have a very serious problem. Medjet is one company.

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Like Frank, we have a medical evacuation policy we renew annually: Medjet Assist. Haven't traveled in 2 years and it has expired, and I will only renew it when we resume travel, hopefully later this year. Medjet is very highly regarded, google it for more info.

I have never purchased travel medical insurance, don't see the need for it, really. I am recently new to Medicare, and we have a supplemental Plan G that offers some coverage when abroad, and we otherwise "self insure" for any medical needs when we travel.

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I purchase an annual international medical insurance plan (not trip insurance) because I travel internationally several times a year. Plans are available for single trips as well. Here is the link to GeoBlue. Fellow travelers have also recommended Medjet.

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Hopefully you have already done the first step of determining what your current insurance covers. When I had a traditional insurance plan, it covered Urgent and Emergency care anywhere in the world. Now, I have switched to Medicare. I chose a Medicare Advantage plan which covers Urgent and Emergency care anywhere in the world. I don't need additional health insurance to travel overseas. As the previous poster mentioned, often supplemental medicare policies will add in this coverage as well.

I have a small amount of medical coverage that is included in my credit card benefits as well.

I do buy MedJet coverage because I like to travel, often alone, and I want to make sure that in a "worst case scenario" I can get to a hospital at home near family.

If you find that you truly don't have health coverage, then going to the sites mentioned in the first post and selecting just the coverage you want should give you a selection to choose from. Several posters have mentioned purchasing a GeoBlue policy and being pleased with it.

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I’m not on Medicare and use Generali which absorbed CSA- a really reputable company. Generali is listed on They include MedEvac coverage in all three policies offered, along with medical, trip interruption and delay etc. I have a 35-day trip to Europe coming up and the coverage is only about $150. That is significantly less expensive than other companies I’ve compared it with- including GeoBlue.

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Check policy language on the medical-evacuation portion of any policy you buy. Lower-cost policies may only fly you to a nearby location (such as to Athens if you become seriously ill on a small Greek island). I believe MedJet flies you home.