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March 31- April 10 itinerary help!

My husband & I are visiting our daughters who are studying in Madrid for the semester. We arrive in Madrid on 3/31 and have booked an Airbnb there through 4/3 when our daughters start their spring vacation. We all plan to travel together from April 3 to April 10 (my husband and I fly out of Madrid late morning). We would like to visit Barcelona and also Galicia (la Caruna) where my husband’s grandfather grew up. Is Madrid-La Caruna-Barcelona too ambitious? We would also like to visit Lisbon but I’m guessing that might be too much. Any help would be appreciated.

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So from my understanding you will fly in to Madrid on the 31st then spend a few nights there until April 3. So that leaves you 6 nights to play with as the night of the 9th you should be back in Madrid for your flight the next morning.

You could see La Coruña and Barcelona, but I only see it possible by using regional flights (Vueling/Iberia), for the most part there are no good ground transportation options here. Spain is a lot larger than most tourist initially realise, especially going from the extreme of the country to the opposite extreme. I'd recommend something along these lines:

Fly in to Madrid
Madrid (3 nights)
Fly to (1 hr)
La Coruña (2 nights)
Fly to (1.5 hr)
Barcelona (4 nights)
AVE high speed train to
Madrid (1 night)
Fly out of Madrid

PS: Lisboa is out of the question :)

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We used Vueling Air to zip from Seville to Lisbon, so that worked great. But as Carlos says, if Lisbon is your 4th priority with the amount of days you have available, it won’t work for this trip. Something to look forward to on a future trip!

Easter week seems to be a big observance in Spain, and you’ll be leaving Spain on Good Friday. Anything special you might want to see or do, leading up to Easter?