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Mallorca over Easter (18-22 April)

We are thinking of going to the island of Mallorca over Easter. (We live in Vienna.) Hoping for weather warm enough to lay on the beach or by the pool. Is that possible in Mallorca at that time? The weather websites say the avg temp is in the mid to upper 50's which is a little on the cool side. Also, any recommendation for hotels and activities. Any input is welcomed. We have never been there.

Dirk and Sue

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Dirk we are going to Mallorca this summer for first time, so not much help to you, but frankly do not count on beach weather at all .. people seem to forget that southern Europe has seasons.. and its not warm all year.. its not beach weather anywhere in Continental Europe till at least late april or may.. and that is pushing it. sorry..

Maybe try the Canary islands.. although averages there are not hot either in March.. highs of 20 at least though. ( sorry I don't think in farenheit.. but 21 is 70 if that helps)