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Mallorca in June-area to stay, beach, pool, do I need a car?

I wanted to get some more info on Mallorca! I was thinking of taking my family there in June. I want to stay somewhere nice (boutique hotel would be ideal but not required ). I have no idea what part of the island to stay in, what hotels are the best, do I really need a car, I just want some great views, walkable to trails/sites, great restaurants and shops, a pool and a beautiful beach. I am asking a lot but from what I have read online and seen in pics it is amazing. Any help would be great! Thanks!!!

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I'm hoping finally to get to Mallorca this year myself, so I have no advice for you. However, it would probably be helpful to know how much time you plan to be on the island and how old your children are.

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I just want some great views, walkable to trails/sites, great restaurants and shops, a pool and a beautiful beach.

That may be a tall order as whilst Mallorca has plenty of the above there are few places, if any, that combine all into one sweet spot.

A car is a must if you want to fully enjoy the island. Driving is easy, it's very laid back with the exception of Palma which can be very busy. You can drive to anywhere on the island within a maximum of 1.5 hours so it's a very easy place to explore.

There are too many hotels to recommend and it's all too subjective however here's a selection from The Telegraph:

Palma may suit you. It doesn't have the best beach on the island (that accolade goes to the more remote/national park beaches) but it's a decent enough one. Palma has the best shopping, greatest variety of restaurants, plenty of excellent sights and a good choice of hotels complete with pools. It's a very walkable city but not great for driving in as parking is very difficult so if you do opt to stay there and intend on renting a car then I would reccommend opting for a hotel with parking.

There are two areas to avoid....Magaluf and S'Arenal. Steer clear from those two and you can't really go wrong. I also dislike Port de Alcudia but it's not on the same level as Magaluf. Don't be confused with Alcudia old town as that is very pleasant to visit but not a place to stay.

Have a look at, there are guides on all the major areas in Mallorca along with beach guides, hotels etc.

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I'm hoping finally to get to Mallorca this year myself

Do everything possible to make it won't regret it!

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Looking for similar advice from someone who has actually BEEN to Mallorca. Recommendations from someone with Personal experience has always proved very useful. I would also like to know about hotels that others have actually stayed in. We will be coming with a party of four, 2 couples separate rooms on a budget of 200-300 euros per week just for accommodation in April 2020. We also would like to hear about any useful websites to do with renting a car, insurance tips etc. But please only send if you have used car rental website before and state why it's useful. Thank you

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As far as hotels go, as others say - it is very subjective. I can tell you, my wife and I stayed out in Santa Ponca, which is about 40 minutes or so by bus from Palma. Where we were was right at a mile from the beach in Santa Ponca on the north side of the beach. Plenty restaurants, all within easy walking distance. Did not have a car, and didnt have a want for one. I am sure there are plenty of places on the island where it is handy, but we were there for a week and enjoyed not having to drive. Went into Palma by public bus, which you can catch from the roundabout just south of the beach.

I'll also say that there was a car rental office approximately 150 yards from the hotel. We saw numerous folks go into the office and rent a car for a day - which could also be an option for you (as opposed to having a car the whole time.) We observed this sitting at a bar next door - very friendly place (Bar Lucinda), it became our custom in the evening to go and have at least one beverage.

We adored Mallorca.

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It was fun renting a car to see the island. We landed in Palma and circled the north side of the island before arriving at Felantix. Stayed in an airBnB in Felantix (a cute town with a nice Sunday market) and drove to beautiful beaches on the south side of the island (Calo Des Moro, Cala Mondrago). It was very low-key and a lovely way to see a less touristy side of things.

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We stayed at Hotel Be Live Adults Only Marivent that features outdoor swimming pools and a gym (in my opinion, this is a great choice for travellers interested in beaches, relaxation and scenery). Everything was excellent. It is set on the beachfront of Cala Major (Central Palma is just 10 minutes drive away). Speaking about a car, it is a must if you want to visit all wonderful places on the island. We requested for a car at mallorca car hire company online , so we didn't have to wait for it when we arrived to Palma de Mallorca Airport. We really enjoyed our trip.

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Looking for similar advice from someone who has actually BEEN to Mallorca

My advice provided above is based on having visited the island at least twice a year for around a decade!

The website that I mentioned previously is, in my opinion, one of the most comprehensive for the first time visitor and offers a wealth of information that would be impossible for someone on this forum to provide.

People's tastes are subjective so taking a recommendation for a particular hotel, beach, restaurant etc from a poster on this forum is no guarantee of a good experience so reading through a website such as abc-mallorca is far more beneficial and allows the reader to make a more informed opinion of where they want to stay, eat, visit etc.