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Our home base for 6 days is Malaga (central to all that we want to see). We have a car and one day are thinking of driving to gibraltar, doing the tours there, and then driving to Tarifa to see it, and then back to Malaga. Is this doable as a day trip?

Also looking for suggestions for the other day trips. Granada is one of them, and then Sevilla, Cordoba?

Thanks - randy

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Are you aware of the border situation at Gibraltar? Probably wise to park in La Linea and walk across. Do not forget your passports.

I guess if you are prepped with where to park, what you want from a day trip, how to get to those 'sites' and are happy with the journey times much is possible. Granada I certainly see as feasible, the Alhambra, if that is your aim, being signposted as you approach Granada.

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For years we have used Malaga as our base and rent a car for day trips.
To Granada is under a three hour drive and can be a day trip if you focus, in my opinion, solely on visiting the Alhambra. Depart early morning and take the inland route via non-toll highways. Using google earth find the parking area at the top of the Alhambra and park there. Doing so will help you avoid entering any part of old town with your car. Do not attempt to enter old town in a car as you are virtually guaranteeing a ticket. You will then walk down to Alhambra and enter at the main entrance. Carefully research how to purchase tickets and how to max your visit of this treasure. You can return via the Southern route, worth doing so if you are leaving with daylight. However, staying for drinks and tapas to watch the sun set aganist the Alahbra walls is a worthy event.
To Ronda, just under three hours, and advise to take the southern mountain route BUT beware of the narrow two lane multiple switchbacks. Great interesting views, especially of Gibraltar, but do not attempt to drive like a local! You can also take an ez highway trip which comes from in from the east and saves a bit of time. Much easier to accomplish. We park outside of the tourist zones and then walk into the old part of ronda.
Do not leave valuables in your car ever!
Btw: do obtain an IDP at your AAA for $20.
Seville is 3 and a half hour trip and not, in our opinion, a day trip. There is so much to do that we always spend a night.
Google earth is a great resource for using street view to acclimate to the routes you are considering. Use streetview to find benchmarks to help identify where to make turns or find your hotel/parking etc.
For seville we recommend using the train from malaga, nice countryside and a less stressful trip.
Malaga is a great walking city so when we go to the old town we take the bus.
Never had a desire to go to Gibraltar so while we know it is an easy drive, we have never made it.
Find and use all the on line maps you can.

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'To Granada is under a three hour drive' - this surely means total - to and return.