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Malaga-Cordoba-Granada and the coronavirus

We are a family of 4 in good health. No 65+ year-olds, and no chronic health concerns. We travel March 27-April 4. Whether I cancel and stay in the US or travel to Spain, I feel our chances of getting COVID-19 are low and not really that significantly different. My biggest concern is whether or not the Spanish government is going to shut down tourist sites, cities, public transportation, etc. I read that schools in Madrid are closing for 2 weeks.

Is there a sense from anyone, at this time, that a trip to Malaga-Cordoba-Granada should be put on hold? Again, not so worried about the actual disease, more that we would not be able to experience all that this region has to offer. I certainly don't mean to offend anyone who has a family member or friend suffering with this infection. I have the option to cancel, but if the lights are on and everything is open, we want to come. Is there a website that I should be following to stay abreast of the situation in Spain?


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Assuming you don’t already have tickets, for the dates you mentioned, and 4 people, the Alhambra is sold out. There seemed to me plenty of time slots for the Mezquita in Cordoba.

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Regarding COVID-19 in Spain, we have seen less cases than France and Germany, by a few hundred. Number of fatalities is about the same as to the USA. So far, our current government has been hesitant to impose large scale quarantine measures or cancellations of mass public gatherings, like one sees in France and Italy.

However... today's cancellations of schools in Madrid and in some parts of the Basque Country may signal that a dramatic shift is in the air, as schools have generally been the first things to close before other things have been affect. I would keep a close eye on this resource (for developments in Spain), as the next few days will be telling for what will happen in the next few weeks.