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Madrid to Seville in January

Hi all. I'm strongly considering booking a flight to Spain in January, most likely flying into Madrid and out of Seville for about 14-16 days. I spent about 2 weeks in Porto and Lisbon last January and I loved it. It was cold and rainy some days, but I was dressed for the weather and I loved not fighting crowds, even at the palaces in Sintra.

I'm thinking I'd like to see Granada, Ronda, Cordoba as well and maybe even Malaga. I'll have plenty of time to research and build a plan, but hoped you could at least clarify for me if I can see the places I want to see without renting a car. I'd be using trains, buses and Uber/Bolt. It's doable, right?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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All the places you've mentioned are accessible by train, but Ronda doesn't have a lot of rail links (and trains serving Ronda aren't speedy), so buses may work better there, depending on the order in which you visit the cities. Granada has express-train service, but it isn't very frequent, so many travelers end up using a bus; I'd recommend taking a look at train schedules into and out of Granada early in the planning process ( The Spanish buses are generally very comfortable, and in some cases the travel time is similar to that required by rail, because the bus takes a more direct route.

I've never used Uber or Bolt in Europe and don't know anything about their availability in Spain, but I doubt you'll need anything other than trains and buses.

Because of its position on the rail network, you can position Cordoba nearly anywhere on your itinerary. In other words, you're likely to pass through the city during multiple train trips, or possibly change trains there.

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Thank you for the reply acraven, it was the reassurance I needed!