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Madrid - Cordoba - Sevilla by train - can send luggage ahead?

We plan on taking the train from Madrid to Sevilla with a stop in Cordoba for the day in August. In Switzerland I was able to send luggage ahead and have it waiting for me at the train station when I arrived (later) but I have not been able to find out if this is possible in Spain. From Madrid, I would like to send our luggage to Seville and have it waiting for us so as not to lug it around Cordoba (or perhaps there is somewhere to store it at the train station?). Any advice will be much appreciated!

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Have traveled via train several times in Spain, but have never encountered anyone with luggage going ahead of them on another train. Check the Renfe site and you might find a specific answer. I know that you do carry your own luggage and place it in the luggage racks in the train cars.

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I'm going to guess no. They have had terrorist attacks on Spanish trains. Because of that, they don't let you enter the boarding area for the fast trains early, you have to have your luggage x-rayed - like in airports, and, I'm betting, your luggage has to be with you - for the same reason that there is concern in airports around unattended bags and when someone is pulled off a flight, the plane can't leave until their bags are off the plane too.

Cordoba has a big station. I wasn't looking for bag storage but I wouldn't be surprised if they have it. If not, there is also a very large bus station across the street that may have lockers.

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Switzerland is really the only country that promotes easy, same-day baggage handling for train passengers. Otherwise, it is standard procedure to carry your own luggage on board. Some faster trains don't have baggage cars, so cargo may go by bus or slower train. Renfe seems to only have their luggage info in Spanish, at the moment: Do plan to carry your own luggage and to store it at the Cordoba bus station, across the street from the train station.

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Thanks to all for your replies. We will just have roll-aboards and backpacks but do not want to lug our stuff around town for the day. We will try the bus station as suggested. Gracias!