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Madrid Barajas renfe

Can I buy a ticket to Salamanca at Madrid Barajas? There is a renfe train that runs to Atocha. I would like to buy the ticket to Salamanca at the airport and avoid the chaos at Atocha (rhymes with atrocious). Trying to keep it simple.

Garcias Brad

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It shouldn't be a problem at all.

I'm with you on the ticket counters at Atocha, but nearly all the Salamanca trains depart from Chamartin. One hopes the ticket-selling situation isn't as grim there. If something dreadful happens and you're stuck, ticketless, at Chamartin, you'll probably be able to use one of the ticket-vending machines. I believe there are two types, one for long-distance trains and one for shorter journeys. Unfortunately, I don't know which type you'd need to use for Salamanca.

It has been some time since anyone said their US credit card didn't work in the Renfe ticket-vending machines, so I hope they aren't unreasonably picky. They may also take currency as well as plastic, and the fare to Salamanca would be low enough that you wouldn't need all that much cash.