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Madrid - Airport Shuttle Or Stay at Airport Hotel

Hello All:

We have a 7:15 a.m. flight out of Madrid on a Sunday morning. I had previously booked all three of our nights in the city center understanding that taxis are easily arranged from the center to the airport.

However, I have heard that Saturday and Sundays mornings can be problematic because the bars are closing at the time we need to leave (4:30 a.m.) and public transit doesn't start until 6:00. Apparently, taxis are in extremely high demand then and even some pre-arranged taxis have been known to fail to show.

If anyone has a recommendation for a reliable shuttle or private car, I would greatly appreciate it. Or, I the interest of peace of mind, should I just suck it up and stay the final night near the airport where the hotel has a 24 hour shuttle?


Hi Jason

Have you spoken to the hotel you're staying in the night before your flight? I'm sure they'd be able to help with either a shuttle service or arranging a car for you.

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They recommended the cab app. However, I have heard that this is a big problem on busy post night clubbing times (right when we need to get to the airport) with wait times being unpredictable and rides not showing up. I ended up booking the last night at an airport hotel just to be safe. We are traveling with two kids so cutting out last minute problems is worth the headache of changing hotels,

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Hi from Wisconsin,
I have been renting our last night of our trip at the airport. In Paris at CDG...for instance, you can get a hotel within walking distance of the airport door.

Spain...we were near the airport. The van loaded us up and never had to face traffic as we were "in the airport" not on the way to it.

Renting at the airport makes us much more relaxed about early morning departures. we sleep better the night before we have to fly out.

Arrange to have your in town hotel hold your luggage until you are ready to leave for the airport for the night. Get your last day in the city, and I recommend eating in the city as too often airport area food is....well, not as good.

wayne iNWi

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I always like to spend the last night at a hotel near the airport for the reasons that a previous post has stated. I ask my in town hotel to hold my luggage while I have a good meal in town and then take a taxi to the in town hotel, pick up my luggage and then take the taxi to the airport hotel.


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I have stayed at the Hostal Viky in Barajas town (5 minutes from the airport) multiple times. Also check out the price for barajas airport taxi service. We've used them many times, reliable & cheap. Usually book 3-4 months in advance, no problems at all.

Barajas town itself has a small plaza mayor with several decent restaurants as well.

While the hostal is a bit of a hike from the Barajas town metro stop, it makes for a pleasant alternative to rushing out of central Madrid to make that early a.m. flight.

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The fact that your hotel recommends a cab app, instead of taking responsibility for getting you a cab, should tell you that your concerns about availability are justified. I'm a believer in sleeping at or near the airport before a flight as early as yours.

I spent the night before an early flight at Premium Traveler Air Rooms, on the bottom floor of Terminal 4. More expensive than some of the hotels in nearby Barajas, but right in the terminal so I could go straight up the ramp to check-in. It was quiet and comfortable. I had dinner in one of the airport sandwich places, not a gourmet meal but OK. If your flight departs from a different terminal, allow time to get there on the free airport shuttle.

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We stayed in Barajas the night before our early flight. We used the Hotel Ibis which has a free shuttle to and from the airport. It has an early breakfast (4 AM) that is included in the room charge. There is a grocery next to the Hotel where you can get water etc. for the night.