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Madrid Airport (MAD)

Hello- my European trip ends with my flight from Rome with a layover in Madrid Airport- layover of 1hr 40 mins. Terminal 4 arrival and depart Terminal 4S - single trip ticket. After reading the Madrid Airport information site- it appears rather confusing. Anyone have experience getting from terminal 4 to 4s? Not sure if there’s another security check to go through? Thanks for any suggestions!

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I've not had any layovers at the Madrid Barajas Airport, however, I've arrived and departed from it a couple of times.

According to the airport's website, Aeropuerto Madrid Barajas
(Scroll down to Terminal 4):

The new terminal T4 occupies currently 1.115.000 m2 distributed over two buildings, the main T4 and its satellite building T4S.

These buildings, independent from each other, are connected through an
automatic underground train, the APM, which operates without
conductor. This stretch takes you aproximately 3 minutes.

It looks like it should be an easy transfer on the underground train (see the orange train icon on the diagram provided)

You may have to go through security again, but since I've not had a layover at this airport, I'll let others chime in with that information.

I'd also suggest contacting the airline and asking them that question.
Hope this helps!

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I've made that transfer several times.

The airport is HUGE. Terminal 4 and Terminal 4S are themselves each very big, and you have to take a tram to get between them. There are signs everywhere indicating how much time it will take you to get to various destinations (such as "M gates 10 minutes, T gates 20 minutes"). I found the signs accurate, assuming you keep walking and do not stop or slow down for anything. All parts of the terminal have bathrooms, places selling food, etc, so there's no need to stop until you are at your departure gate area.

Your layover is tight, but should be doable. However, if you have any mobility impairment, slow walking, etc, be sure to arrange for assistance, or you might miss your plane.

You will land in T4 and follow signs to your next gate. You will pass through immigration and may pass through security (not sure - you definitely go through security on the reverse itinerary). In T4S, the US-bound flights tend to leave from the furthest reaches of the terminal.

It will probably feel like the longest forced march you've ever made. On the other hand, I found the signage crystal-clear; it's hard to get lost.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
I have been led to believe that MAD is the world's largest airport. But once you make it to the shuttle train who cares if it is 1/2 a mile or 5 miles long? 40 minutes should be ample time.
wayne iNWI