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I was told that the shops in Madrid are being closed for 2 weeks over the coronavirus. I am skeptical since I can not find any information to confirm or deny that this is happening. I am leaving to Spain in a week but plan on going to Seville via train first. Can anyone tell me if it is still business as usual or has something changed? Also can I take a train from the airport directly to Seville or will I need to go into Madrid to catch the train?

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Log on to for current information. There is a current article on the situation in Madrid.

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You will need to take a bus from the airport to the train station. Unfortunately almost nothing is business as usual and it is changing constantly. Good luck.

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I'm in Madrid now and it is very busy and shops are open. I heard (but cannot confirm) that schools are going to be closed beginning tomorrow. I can't imagine that shops or restaurants will close, but you should do research for yourself. We go home tomorrow. I'm not sure I'd leave the US now to go to Europe, though. We have had a good 10 days in Spain. Uneventful.