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Luggage Storage at Cordoba Bus Station

We will be in Cordoba for a day trip en route from Granada to Sevilla and need to store our luggage for the several hours we are there. Is getting a luggage storage locker at the train station the best option or are there other suggestions? Are the train station luggage lockers a safe option? Thank you!!

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There are lockers inside the bus terminal (Estacion de Autobuses) next to the train station. Open from 5:30am to 1:00am. Charge is €4 euros per locker/per day.

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I have read reports that demand for those lockers sometimes exceeds the supply, so there can be a problem if you don't arrive in Cordoba quite early. I'd recommend Googling luggage storage Cordoba and making note of alternatives, just in case.

I've checked bags at train stations a few times, at a commercial storage facility once, and at non-official storage points (hotels where I wasn't staying, a bar, etc.) on a few occasions. I've never really worried about theft of my bags. I do always have a small (easily broken) lock on my suitcase, which might somewhat deter a stealth theft. However, the few dishonest people in the world would probably not target me with my $40 suitcase.

The scariest luggage situation I've experienced was at a mid-market chain hotel in the US (I don't remember which chain) that had more bags than it could store in its dedicated luggage room, so dozens of bags were just sitting in a hall. It looked a bit like those photos you see of airports with baggage-handling problems. That did make me nervous, because there was no one responsible for those bags.