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Los Coracoles Restaurant Barcelona

I was wondering if you have experiences dining here. My Parents and I booked a dinner here on one night of our stay. Is this a place Rick would find at? It's 5th generation family run and got pretty good reviews.


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We loved Los Caracoles when we found it about 5 years ago. I would recommend it. Here's the text of my Tripadvisor review from 2014:

We stumbled upon this place while wandering around and we were happy we went in. The rotisserie chickens in the window caught our attention as chicken is not the most common thing on Spanish menus. We ate at the bar but the restaurant is worth exploring too. We loved that everyone has to walk through the busy kitchen to get to the restaurant or the restrooms! And then there are different little dining rooms up every staircase and around each corner. All of the food we had was really very good, including that chicken. I would also highly recommend the sautéed mushrooms. The prices were reasonable too.

I am planning a trip to Spain in May. My son and I had lunch there 20 years ago. It was filled with local families, delicious food great service, terrific in every way. I had lost the name and address and was so excited to see this post. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed 🤞.