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"Long weekend" in Madrid

I will be taking a trip for a long-weekend based in Madrid (due to the proximity of the airport) in April or May for the purpose of escorting a Spanish galgo (hunting greyhound) and a Podenco (hunting Ibizen hound) both of which had been rescued from what the Spanish call a "killing station" (no, they really call them that) one from Valencia. I will be going for a couple/few days prior then the dogs will be brought to me at the airport for their trip to the USA and their forever adoptive homes. Working with rescue groups in Spain, UK, US and others makes it possible to do this work. It will be my first, hopefully not last foray into this venture.

OK, on with the question...I am completely unfamiliar with this area and have a strong interest in architecture and especially the churches, etc. that contain old organs. i am an American organ-builder from the Seattle area. Is there anything that some of you could recommend along these lines without getting too far afield of my primary duties. Transportation to such and anything else you may suggest. Thanks so much.

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Stay near the Puerta del Sol and wander - we were at the Hotel Europa. The Cathedral of Almudena was beautiful (don't remember the organ). While in Madrid don't miss the Prado or Reina Sofia museums. The city was great at night - try a Flamenco show!

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My experience in visiting churches in Madrid during the past five or six years is difficult at best. They are open only for mass, and not visitors. One notable exception is Cathedral Almudena , adjacent to the Royal Palace which seems to be open at all daylight hours. While walking and exploring the city, if I see a church door open I go in it. They have all been well worth the effort. I am not familiar with the organs in them having only heard the one at Almudena at Easter mass a couple of years ago, A magnificent instrument. You might contact the main 'office' at the Csthedral Alumedna (adjacent to and a part of it I think) to make inquiry. Good luck!

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Thank you for your prompt replies. I will certainly try and see the museos and Alumdena. I was wondering also how involved it would be to "hike" (figure of speech) down to Toledo. It look to be about 70km away. Train maybe? Thanks.

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It's an easy 30 minutes on the train to Toledo from Atocha station. You can buy tickets ahead on the site (register before trying to make a purchase - it will go smoother).