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Location of Ryan Air terminal in Madrid

This might seem like a silly question to some, but Ryan Air has a reputation of being extremely confusing; and many of the airports indicate a major city, but are in fact several miles from where you might think you are about to land or take off; examples, Venice (Trieste), Barcelona (Girona), Frankfurt (Hahn), etc, etc.

I have a flight out of Dublin, and already realize it leaves from Terminal I. That's an easy one. But I have a flight OUT of Madrid to Rome, and I've heard that it doesn't leave form the main Madrid Airport?...or have suspicion that it doesn't.
Can anyone confirm for me where Ryan Air flies out from Madrid?? Is it the main airport? I was hoping to turn in my rental car there, and hope the plane, all in one easy movement. Plans are often foiled by "the unknown".

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Also, it seems Ryan Air has changed their web page, and no longer show the very helpful map indicating where their flights connect to. That's a real bummer, unless I'm looking in the wrong place. It was so EASY before! Why did they go screw it up??

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It is in the main Barajas airport, but I do not remember which terminal. Check on the Barajas (Madrid) airport and they should have a listing of the various airlines and their terminals. I flew it to Wales a couple of years ago...paid extra for a first on seat which was worth the five or so euros...

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Thanks everyone! That gives me comfort as I stuff my carry-on bag full of 35 days worth of belongings. Leave Tuesday morning bright and early, and I'm just hoping the wind will be to my back most of the way.