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Lisbon - Seville - Granada - Valencia - Barcelona late October

I have 14 days (13 nights) and would like to see Lisbon, Seville, Granada, Valencia and Barcelona. Any recommendations on travel arrangements, specifically from Seville to Barcelona via Granada and Valencia and how much time to allocate to each? I will probably fly from Lisbon to Seville. Also, how safe or difficult will it be for a single girl who speaks minimal Spanish and no Portuguese to travel solo? A tour package would be best but I can't find any that travels the route I want in late October. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

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Seville to Granada to Valencia to Barcelona can all be travelled by train - or bus -
Five cities plus the amount of time expended travelling within your amount of time is ambitious to my mind, but I am not you and would not know what you find important or interesting or whether you want to absorb or want to just tick on a list and be gone. Therefore I could not possibly suggest how much time you would need anywhere.
Learn or remember where to find the few phrases which you may need and are likely in the back of your guide book and that should suffice.

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Thanks, Neil! I definitely enjoy absorbing places and the culture and not just ticking the items off my list, so maybe I should just spend a few days in Lisbon, Seville and Barcelona.

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Buenas Dias and Bom Dia!

Flying into Lisbon and home from Barcelona or vice versa? And between Lisbon and Seville? Or maybe a bus if you want to take the time (about 6.5 hours) and see the terrain and towns along the way.

Train between Seville and Barcelona? (About 5.5 hours via Cordoba and Zaragoza.)

Go to Rome2Rio to start to compare options. I only recently started using this option and have found it very helpful for ball parking transportation methods

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I don't know your budget, but your biggest issue is that your destinations are all so remote from one another. It may not seem that way on a map, but you will spend a large amount of time in transit. This is in part because some of these cities are not well connected.

But you can make this work, at least on paper. Granada can be done with two nights. Valencia can be a night or two. Sevilla needs a couple of nights. That leaves 6-7 nights for Lisbon and Barcelona (3-3 or 3-4).

Flying Lisbon-Sevilla makes sense and should only eat up half a day for you. Sevilla-Granada is best by bus and is 3 hours, so another half day transit. There is only an overnight train from Granada-Valencia, which I do not recommend for various reasons. Or it's an 8 hour bus ride. Or fly. Valencia-Barcelona is easy by train, about 3-4 hours.

You could skip Valencia and fly from Granada to Barcelona. In that case, you could add a night in Cordoba. Valencia is a great city but it doesn't have the big name attractions the other cities on your list have.

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These are great suggestions and things to think about. Thank you and keep them coming! :)

Yep, I am flying into Lisbon and out of Barcelona, and now need to figure out the in-between.