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Level of physical activity on Best of Spain Tour

I am a little concerned about the level of stress activity like walking on this tour. I have been on RS tour before, but at an earlier age.
We can walk for 3-4 hours with stops, but stairs, and steep hills are not feasible due to age, NOT due to health.

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When you spoke with the tour office regarding your concerns about the amount of physical activity in that tour, what were you told?

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Would the My Way Spain tour be a better option, so you could adjust your activities to your own preferences? Since it’s a shorter tour, I would recommend staying at Sevilla for at least another day at the end of your tour, take the train to Cordoba for 1-2 nights to see the Mezquita and enjoy the town. Then take the train back to Madrid to fly home.

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We were in our late 60’s when we did this tour. There was one gentleman age 92 (!). He communicated with the guide and opted out of a few activities, catching a taxi and meeting with us later. We did not find this a particularly strenuous tour and we gained weight as the food was so good!

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I took this tour a couple of months ago. Our group ranged from 50s to 80s (I'm 75). There were a few points where people opted out of particular activities, but it seemed like the pace was OK for most, and the guides (Javier and David) were very accommodating. Probably the hardest work we did was walking about half a mile uphill from our bus dropoff to our hotels in Arcos de la Frontera, twice on separate days. A van took all our luggage up and down, and a few people took a taxi while the rest walked. The view from the top was worth it, especially with two overnight stays.

You're the best judges of your condition, and I would suggest consulting with the RS tour people. But I can tell you that the guides showed real concern about our well-being, and made every effort to accommodate everyone's condition. I got plenty tired most days, but the experience was well worth it. I can't speak for others, but it seemed like everyone felt much the same.

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I did this tour last June. This statement, "the guides showed real concern about our well-being, and made every effort to accommodate everyone's condition" was absolutley true for me.

I seemed to be the only person on my tour with slope and stair challenges. I can do them but I'm slow. I also take a medication that slows my heart rate and I had an awful bronchial cold on that tour.

Our guide was very good at advising me about the steps and slopes we would encounter. I recommend that you talk to yours to work out a plan for you to handle them.

Taxis were my friend. They are cheap and I used them several times. One fun thing about taxis is that you don't go the same routes as the walkers.

For me, Granada was the most challenging, but that's not the only place with slopes or stairs.

The best guides I've had were ones that took to heart the concept that if you can't carry on a conversation while you're walking, you're going too fast. The local guide in Toledo was tuned into that, as well as knowledgeable and a great teacher.

I hope all works well for you.