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Legroom on Spanish trains

My husband is 6'6" with very long legs. Will he fit in 2nd class train seats? He's slender so seat width is not an issue. We will have a number of train trips in Spain: Madrid-Toledo, Madrid-Córdoba-Sevilla, Sevilla-Granada (bus sounded cramped), Granada-Málaga. Are there some 2nd class seats that are more spacious than others, like exit rows on airplanes?

I wish there were a for trains. I found seating plans for the various trains (, but no measurements.


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Never had any seat leg room problems myself on the trains...almost six feet here...they are very spacious...not cramped like the US airline seats at all....and movement around the cars is easy. The longer run AVE trains have a snack bar car on them as well...(Not Madrid - Toledo, but it is less than 1/2 hour) Sevilla.-Cordoba- Madrid does have one (2 1/2 hour trip) and likely the same as the others.

You might check the web site The Man in Seat 61 and for information as well.

The Spanish train experience is a very good one!!!

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Think in terms of business class on a plane. Should be ample leg room. Always take AVE when possible.

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Thanks, everyone! I think with the knowledge that the seating isn't as cramped as airplanes, as well as the freedom to move around he should be fine in second class. We're both looking forward to trying the high-speed trains!

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Just road an AVE from Madrid to Barcelona. I didn't know what to do with all the leg room. After the plane ride, this bordered on ridiculously expansive.
wayne iNES

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Turista class is really great on the AVE train! The seats have large tray tables, there are power outlets at the seats, foldable footrests, and they show a movie. I have never had so much room to myself on a public conveyance.