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La Sagrada Familia visit

I'm trying to decide which of the towers to tour during our visit to Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Are any of you familiar with, or have specific recommendations for, the Nativity Tower or the Passion Tower?

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I have only been in one tower, and not sure which. The elevator takes about ten or so at a on a strictly followed time schedule as printed on the ticket. Once to the top, or as far as the elevator ascended, we were able to get out and walk up the one way very narrow and crowed stair, stopping for an instant at the various windows and snap a photo...then rush on the next window. Not what you are anticipating I will guess, a narrow winded stair and then back down to the elevator. I think we could have crossed to the other tower at some point while up there, but I did not even think of doing so, as there was only one elevator for both towers....and the other would have been a long, narrow, winding staircase.... However, it was worth the trip if only to say "I climbed the tower!"

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There was only one tower available when we went. The elevator holds only six people. Six people up and six people down. But, you can walk down if you want. When you buy your ticket for the tower, you are given a time. Our time was almost 1.5hrs after we entered the church. Beautiful work up there by Gaudi that nobody will ever see unless you are up there or there are closeups from a helicopter. Here's a snapshot of a small area up there. The mosaics are not as brilliant as they should be as they are covered with plastic during construction. Here's what Gaudi mosaics look like when they are not covered. He must have taken silly pills when he designed rooftops. He did a few like this. Nothing like it anywhere else.

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Thanks, folks, for your recommendations. I went ahead and booked our tickets online with a 11:15am reservation for the Nativity Tower. We have 09:00 entrance time into the Sagrada Familia. In case you're wondering, those of us over the age of 60 do qualify for the reduced rate.