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La Coruna Spain

I will be taking a cruise in October and one of the ports is La Coruna Spain, I am trying to decide between two shore excursions. Which one would you recommend? I will only be able to do one. I will be having to do two separate posts

What is your opinion of this excursion

Commencing from the pier, you will first enjoy a drive through La Coruña, passing the famous Tower of Hercules. Now declared a National Monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tower was built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD by the order of the Emperor Trajan. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world that is still used for its original purpose of guiding ships into the harbor and amazingly, its light can be seen from 32 miles away. Next, your coach will travel along the seafront promenade past the San Anton Castle, which now houses the Archeological Museum.

Leaving La Coruña behind, you will make the 45 minute drive to Betanzos, a wonderful Galician town that offers a genuine and unspoiled view of the region and its colorful past. Upon arrival, you will embark on a guided walking tour of this former Roman town that emerged from the ancient settlement of Castro de Untia. The town later came into an era of prosperity when King Alfonso IX granted it the same law-code as La Coruña. However, it was the mighty Andrade family and other noblemen who were the protagonists of Betanzos' medieval history, hence the name of Betanzos de Los Caballeros ('of the Knights'). The nobility and bourgeois who made their homes here, attracted the Franciscans, whose church is a masterpiece of the Galician art. A visit to the Church of San Francisco is included in your tour as well as viewing several other notable sights, such as the 16th century clock tower and well-preserved town walls.

We will also stop at a local restaurant for refreshments before going back to ship

And now I will begin a separate discussion of another option for an excursion

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I responded in more depth on your other thread. I prefer this option but would see no need for what I assume is an expensive shore excursion to a town 30 to 50 minutes away served by over 30 buses a day (at least on weekdays) at a roundtrip cost of 4.50 euros.

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I haven’t walked around A Coruña, but when looking for things of interest to see in the city, nothing jumped out at me. For the limited time I was there I enjoyed Betanzos. It’s a much smaller and typically Galician feeling town. Note that I said Galician because the people consider themselves Galician first and Spanish after that.