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Itinerary Help Madrid/Barcelona etc

Hi all,

Trying to weigh between France or Spain this trip.. Originally I wanted to try a little of both but time will not allow.Me my wife and 2 adult female children will have 9 days on the ground beginning 5/18/18. I am the only one who has been to Spain b4 and it was 30+ years ago. We love food ,history ,architecture,beautiful views. Dont mind renting a car and driving. Trains are ok too. but please keep in mind I am traveling with 3 ladies and will be the luggage handler. Thank you in advance for your suggestions!


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Madrid plus Sevilla( day trip to Cordoba. Ypu can use high speed trains entirely
Madrid plus Barcelona, high speed train
As far as you being the “luggage handler”, my elementary school age grandchildren handled their own luggage on a trip to London and Paris using rhe Eurostar. Everyone should handle thwir own luggage. No need for more than a 22” suitcase each as this trip is only nine days.

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Madrid and Barcelona are the long haul gateway airports, fly in to one and out the other.
The AVE train between the two cities takes less than three hours.

18. ARRIVE Madrid (5N)
19. Madrid
20. Day to Toledo
21. Madrid
22. Day to Segovia
23. Morning train to Barcelona (4N)
24. Barcelona
25. Barcelona
26. Barcelona
27. DEPART Barcelona