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Itinerary Assistance for 7 days in southern Spain

Thank you for reading one of the many questions about this area. Just asking for thoughts on travel time and best route for just having 7 days to see a small part of this beautiful country.

Train from Madrid to Cordona
Explore Cordona
Get car rental in Cordona
Drive to Granada
Explore Granada
Drive to Seville stopping along the way in Anteguera and Ronda
I know I haven't put in number of nights in each stop as I will add that later.

Thank you in advance.

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I believe you mean Cordoba rather than Cordona.

The order of travel is fine, but I don't think you have time for all those places.

How many nights do you have in Spain? Are you flying into Madrid on the day you travel to Cordoba, or will you already have seen Madrid? Are you flying out of Madrid at the end of your time in Andalucía?

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How many nights do you have? That is the best way to plan an itinerary.

Where are you coming from? It's important to know if you will have jet-lag. Do you plan to spend any time in Madrid?

Please remember, the city is Cordoba, not Cordona.

So, are you flying into Madrid and home from Seville? If so, I like the order of your itinerary. That is basically what we did, although we also spent time in Malaga, so after Granada, we went to Malaga, and then to Seville.

Why are you picking up a rental car in Cordoba? It will be next to impossible to drive in Granada and to find parking. I suggest taking the train or ALSA bus from Cordoba to Granada. You can also take the train or ALSA bus from Granada to Seville. However, I see you want to stop in Antequera and Ronda along the way. I think your trip will be rushed if you stop in Antequera and Ronda, and it's certainly easier to use the train or bus from Granada to Seville. If you really want to make these stops, then pick up the rental car in Granada, and drop it off in Seville.

Recommended number of nights: (assuming you have 7 nights)
Cordoba - 2 nights
Granada - 2 nights
Seville - 3 nights

Cordoba - 1 night
Granada - 2 nights
Seville - 4 nights

The train from Madrid to Cordoba is about 2 hours.
Bus from Cordoba to Granada is about 2.5 hours. Not sure about the train.
Bus from Granada to Seville - I think it's about 3.5 hours.

Hope this helps.

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Cordoba to Granada via the autovia is about 2 hr 25 min and you’ll need to go right by Antequera. Going the more direct route via the N432 is a little slower, but not much. The distance is shorter, but it’s a smaller road with lower speeds.
Granada to Antequera is via the autovia and about 1 hr 15 min.
Antequera to Ronda will take about the same amount of time. The road is good, but only two lanes.
The roads around the white villages are more rural and figure you’ll be driving about 30-35mph at most. Where and how long you stop will determine how long it takes to get to Sevilla. The most direct rout without stops will take about 2 hours.
Seven days isn’t a lot of time, especially with all the moving around you want to do. Leave everything on your list, but know you may need to cut out a couple stops. To me it’s better to have more planned and not be able to see everything, than to run out of things on your to see list and have to spend time on your trip trying to figure out where to go.