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Is this a good price for train tickets or should I wait?

Hello all,

I have been waiting for train tickets to be available for purchase (Cordoba to Toledo). Finally today I see them on Loco2 - they are €42 per person. Is that a price worth jumping on for this route? It is for May 7th. Thank you.

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You will travel from Córdoba to Madrid (Puerta de Atocha Station), then transfer to an AVANT train to Toledo.

You may consider checking train schedules/prices in Spain's official railways website:

I just checked Renfe for May 7; you can get a 'Preferente Promo' AVE ticket (first class), departing Córdoba at 09;59 for €24.20pp!
This is a great price & you should snatch it soon before it disappears!

If you choose to buy your tickets directly from Renfe, it's best to pay with PayPal.

Edit: I just checked Loco2 & the price for your date is listed as £42, *not** €42... Big difference! ;-)

Edit #2: I just wanted to clarify my answer... Yes, this is the best time to buy your ticket in order to save considerably.
This only refers to the first leg of your trip; Córdoba to Madrid (AVE train).

Ticket fares for the AVANT train (Madrid to Toledo) won't change & cost €12,90 pp.

I'd recommended buying directly from Renfe for best prices.

Hope you find this information helpful.


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Price of train tickets never go down. They do not change frequently like American airline tickets. The earliest price will be the cheapest and go up from there.

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Regular fates are standard and don't change. Some train lines will have advance purchase discounted fares that go up the closer to departure but I don't have knowledge of Spanish trains.

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Once they go on sale, the price of tickets on premium European trains rarely go down, they usually take a high speed track in the upwards direction.

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Thank you Priscilla for the detailed information. Of course I waited until this evening and the price had risen. We took the advice of Edgar, David, and Frank and assumed the price wouldn't fall so went ahead anyway.

All these purchases... its that time in the planning process where I start to feel as if I am hemorrhaging money!

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Just think... you're actually saving money, especially if you buy your (train) tickets in advance at a discounted price!

If you're planning to travel to Granada, make sure to book your Alhambra tickets in advance too ;-)

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Unlike most (all?) other countries, Spain's ticket prices are not on a schedule. They often offer tickets for sale at full price and only offer the promo fares later. It also happens a lot that some trains do not show up for sale until a couple of weeks ahead, even though others have been listed for a month or two. It is just erratic. The only thing that seems to be sure is that once promo fares are offered for a specific train, they will only increase. That doesn't mean that another train with lower fares may show up later.