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IRYO Train Service

I am looking for train service between Seville and Cordoba and have found IRYO. What has your experience with them been? Thanks

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Their website is a lot easier to use than Renfe's, so for that reason they would be my choice.

The trains are perfectly fine, nothing to worry about. And it's a 40 minute trip so no need to worry about service.

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IRYO is partly owned by Trenitalia, and uses the same trainsets as used for the Italian Frecciarossa service. Good trains. I would not hesitate to use them.

However on that route RENFE has more frequent service. You can use trainline to see the complete offer by all the different companies. A lot of the RENFE trains are of the "AVANT" variety, high speed commuter trains that have a fixed price, so do not need to be booked far in advance. If your travel is more than a few weeks in the future I would not worry to much about booking now.

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We liked IRYO better than Renfe. Cleaner, newer train and more comfortable seats.