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International Driver's License in Spain

Do we need one in Spain? Our rental car company says we don't, but I have heard others say we do.


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It's my understanding that Spain does require an International Driving Permit (not license - it's just a translation of your valid license into several languages). Even if it did not, wouldn't you want the cop who stops you to be able to tell your license is valid? You can get an IDP at a local AAA office. They are $20 and require two passport photos. Each driver would need one.

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Nancy is correct and the idp is required by law. Have I ever been asked for it? Nope, but have never been pulled over by the police. However, the fine for not having one is over 200 euros paid in cash on the spot! So.........

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I was asked for it by the rental agency when I took the car.

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^^^ Sometimes rental agents ask; sometimes they don't. I've been asked even when not required in a country (confusion over my state license). And not having one could potentially negate your insurance, since technically you'd be driving illegally. So always have one if you are driving, even when not required (as it IS in Spain).