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[Infox] New restrictions due to COVID contagions in Catalonia (jul,16th)

Keep this URL handy if you must visit Barcelona or anywhere in Catalonia during this Summer or Autumn...

Due to a spike in COVID contagions, the Government of Catalonia is pulling back some de-escalation measures.

Furthermore, from tonite (jul,16th) and for the next few weeks we'll also have a night curfew (1am-6am) in many cities and towns in Catalonia, including Barcelona, Sitges and many of the coastal bigger cities. For those unfamiliar, a curfew means one CANNOT be outside in the street during the established period risking a hefty fine otherwise.

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Hi, bumping this one. Restrictions continue to be in place, especially night curfew, so you know. The link above is periodically updated with the measures in place.