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I've book The Alhambra ...

I've listened and booked The Alhambra. Now a couple of questions -
Are you allowed on the grounds prior to your palace time?

Where is the best place to collect the tickets?

On a separate note-
Do I need to make this kind of reservation for sites in Seville, Cordoba, and Toledo? Or do I just show up?
If you recommend reservations - for which sites? We are keeping it simple so 1-3 sites in each city, tops.

Thank you.

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Yes, we had an early time (9 am) and walked up the hill to enter the Alhambra first thing. Most places you are free to visit any time in any order. The Moorish palace itself is the only place strict on entry times.

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Everywhere else in Spain is easy without reservations. Alhambra is the one exception.

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Madrid museums:

If you go to Prado during the free times, you will stand in a long line - but you can't make a reservation for that. Outside of that, there was no wait anywhere we went. It could be we were there in late April (considered high season in Spain). Maybe it would be different in summer but July and August are not considered high season in, at least, southern Spain - because it's just too hot.

Wonderful might be referring to the Palace in Madrid. I didn't go because it's not old enough to interest me. I recall seeing a line so reservations might be a good idea if that's a sight you want to visit. I went to the Cathedral, but was underwhelmed compared to so many GREAT Cathedrals around Spain - there was no wait to get in.

In Barcelona, Sagrada Familia and the Picasso museum come to mind as a places you would want to bypass the line - they are always packed. The churches and other museums we visited were pretty easy.

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I am in Spain now. I started my Trip on March 10th in Madrid. The only place I purchased tickets online the day before, was for the Prado and I am VERY glad I did! Huge lines even at 10:00 in the morning.

Yes, regarding the Alhambra. Take the time to research the website so you have some small idea of the place. You can tour the grounds as long as you want, just be sure you are in line EXACTLY at your appointment time. I have heard they are not forgiving and won’t let you in if you are late. I have tickets in two weeks.

Other than those two places I have not had to purchase tickets in advance. I have been to : Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Seville and now Torremolinos (which is near Malaga). Barcelona is last.

I LOVE Spain! It is wonderful. One word of advice: if you don’t speak Spanish, learn some! People here don’t speak very much English. I am glad I speak some Spanish and have been learning more every day. VERY few people speak English!

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For families with children in strollers ... You do not have to wait in line during the free afternoon hours at El Prado. Just go straight to the ticket office and they will let you in through a separate entrance for tickets from the mile-long line. I didn't know this and stood with all of the children (the youngest is still in a stroller) for a long time before a guard noticed us. We all thanked the baby after getting in quickly because of her!