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I'm making myself crazy

I have changed my hotels and itinerary so many times in the past 2 weeks. UGH
I am flying RT to BCN arriving Sep 28 @ 9 AM and flying home Oct 8.
I am spending Sep 28-30 in Barcelona then meeting my daughter somewhere around Madrid on the 30th.

I think I should skip Madrid. I would like to see Toledo, Cordoba, Seville and maybe Granada. Where should I stay to maximize my time and do I need to save something for another trip? I will have about 2 days in Barcelona at the beginning of my trip and I thought maybe fly back to Barcelona late on Oct 5 or early Oct 6?

It's my first time in Spain so I know I am trying to cram too much into this trip so I need to trim it down. The only way I can see Alhambra since I am planning this so late is to see it with a tour or I could skip Granada and Alhambra and see it another time. I've been reading as many posts as I can but I've got information overload.

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Reading posts can give you information overload, take it from one who's contributed to it as well as received it. I hope you've also been looking at guidebooks, or at least one good one like RS or Lonely Planet (there are others too).

If you're meeting your daughter "around Madrid" on the 30th, then you should be there that date, right? So you have the 28th and 29th in Barcelona, the 30th in or near Madrid, and Oct. 1-7 up for grabs. If your flight home is in the morning, you should be in Barcelona the night before (even at the airport if the flight's early morning).

You've identified six destinations for a ten-day trip, which seems to me like about three too many. I'd suggest you stick to Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo this time, and save the southern cities for another trip. Otherwise you'll spend lots of time moving between cities and too little time enjoying them.

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Agree with Dick above, it will still be quite hot in Andalucia in late Sept/Early Oct, best save it for another time and split your time between Madrid, Barcelona, and Toledo, using the AVE high speed train to travel between the 3.

You can use this Spain tour from Rick Steves as a template to help build your itinerary from:

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You have too many options and too many permutations of these options, so it is challenging.
If you are going to Toledo, why would you skip Madrid? You have to go through that city to get to Toledo?

Oct 4 has Dobla d'Oro tickets for the Alhambra still available. It is 5E more than the general ticket, but all the same details plus 3 days of access to the other buildings supported by the association. It's cheaper than a 'maybe' tour.
Consider Barcelona - Madrid/Toledo - Cordoba (Oct 3, leaving for Granada in the evening or late afternoon)-Granada (visit Alhambra Oct 4) - Depart on fast train to Barcelona Oct 5th.
Sevilla would be the place I drop.

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@Dick , I am meeting her wherever we decide to stay on the 30th. She flies into Madrid from Copenhagen early on the 30th. A few of the posts I have read said to skip Madrid and head to Toledo or Cordoba. She can hop an AVE train from Madrid and be in Toledo or Cordoba or Seville on the 30th.
Sep 28, 29 in Barcelona. Leave early morning on the 30th to meet daughter in Cordoba or Seville

Sep 30 from noon until early morning Oct 1 - Toledo or Cordoba

Oct 1 - 3 Seville

Oct 3-4 Granada

Fly to Barcelona late afternoon on the 4th or early on the 5th

Oct 5, 6, 7 in Barcelona

Is that doable or wishful thinking?

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Really? I should drop Seville? I've heard such great things about it )-:

"Consider Barcelona - Madrid/Toledo - Cordoba (Oct 3, leaving for Granada in the evening or late afternoon)-Granada (visit Alhambra Oct 4) - Depart on fast train to Barcelona Oct 5th.
Sevilla would be the place I drop." I guess that makes sense. I read somewhere and I can't remember where, but it's pretty easy and fast to fly from Granada to Barcelona. I will check for those D' Obra (?) tickets

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My recommendation was strictly logical. If you really only want Toledo because you hate museums and have no other reason to stop in Madrid, then drop Madrid. Drop Cordoba and go to Seville arriving in Granada evening Oct3.
If you have spare time, or bored, do Cordoba as a daytrip from Seville...just don't commit a date.
So, now similar to post above.

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I strongly urge you to give Madrid a serious look. I, too, intended to avoid it back in 2015 because it didn't seem "Spanish" enough. Now, I am in the middle of planning a second trip to Spain in February 2020 for my 20th wedding anniversary with Madrid as the main focus, where it belongs. This city has our hearts. Wherever else I go in Spain, Madrid will always be on the itinerary. Please give it a look especially since you will be in the area.