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How to get to Seville

I’m looking at spending a few weeks in Seville Feb and March 2023. There don’t seem to be a ton of good (cheap 😁) options from Toronto. Any suggestions on which major city to focus on? Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, other? From there would you suggest a discount airline or high speed train? Can these be booked last minute ( once I land)? I know booking two different airlines in advance is a recipe for disaster. Thanks

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Focus on either Madrid or Lisbon and look for discount airline flights from either city. You can also take the train from Madrid to Sevilla which is another option. You can book the train tickets once you land but you will not get the same discount as if you buy them in advance. I don't know the Madrid-Sevilla train gets sold out at any time. Better check with any local in the forum.

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I would say Madrid. It is a large enough airport that several airlines fly direct routes from the US for decent prices, or a connection in Europe may be even cheaper. Seville is then just a short train ride away, something you could do the day you land...or spend a few days in Madrid.

Barcelona will likely be a bit more expensive, but check, your train journey will of course be longer, and likely require routing through Madrid.

Lisbon? you may be able to find some cheap tickets on TAP, but unless you are interested in spending some days in Lisbon, transportation from Lisbon to Seville is convoluted at best, no great train connections, more likely buses with a couple connections, or trying to find an additional flight.

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It helps if you tell us what you have already checked.
I'm sure I would fly to Madrid and take train to Sevilla. But always check smaller airports, sometimes you luck out--Sevilla, Jerez, Malaga all have airports. Iberia sometimes has off season sales.

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Maybe fly from Toronto to a U.S. airport that has a direct flight to Sevilla, but my guess is most airlines will layover in either Lisbon or Madrid. For ease, I’d fly into Madrid and take the train to Sevilla. For information purposes, the airport in Jerez de la Frontera is an hour’s drive from Sevilla.

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Seville is north of Gibraltor, and is a pretty good size city. And Spain is a larger country than most people realize.

From Toronto, you'd want to fly into London and then catch a flight from Gatwick Airport on EasyJet, Vueling or Ryanair non-stop into Seville. All are budget European airlines and you'll find the airfares downright cheap. To get the very best airfares, you'd want to plan ahead and purchase earlier.

We've flown all three airlines, but i usually fly on EasyJet. Ryanair has more flights into/out of Seville than any other airline.

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Have you checked TAP Airlines? We have flown them many times and have never had any problems with them. We flew TAP one time from Seville to Boston with a layover in Lisbon. Hopefully, you can find something similar to/from Toronto. And they are always reasonably priced.

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Have you used Google Flights to check on this? If not, try it with your specific dates and click on the Dates
(calendar) to see how prices change from day to day.

Try several options like RT Madrid (about $680) or multi-city Toronto-->Madrid and Seville-->Toronto (about $640). Note that for any Madrid option, the train between Madrid and Seville is better than flying.

There appeared to be no nonstop options, but "1 stop or fewer" produced more results. The stop is in Lisbon, flying on TAP of course.

TAP seemed to have the best prices for a test I did departing Toronto on 2/8 and returning 3/8. BUT, pay close attention to the total time of the journey. Some of the layovers in Lisbon can be very long.

Also be aware that TAP flights may be delayed by 30 minutes, so if you fly to Madrid, and plan to take the train to Seville the day you arrive, schedule that a few hours later than you're supposed to arrive.

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Mike, looking at the Rome2Rio web site, the shortest 1-stop flights (9 to 10 hours or so) seem to be Toronto-Lisbon-Seville. Other connection points that take a little more time include Dublin and Barcelona.

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It might hinge a bit on your perception of what is a good (cheap) airfare versus the realities of the market. It’s quite likely that around now you’re seeing the best you can get.

As someone mentioned above, GoogleFlights is a preferred comparison tool. Personally, I’d be willing to pay more to connect straight to Sevilla (via Madrid or Lisbon, probably) on the inbound flight—between the costs, risks, and hassles of connecting to a separate ticket or the train it’s worth the premium. If you fly out of Sevilla you’d likely face an overnight connection in Madrid, so maybe look at an open jaw ticket and take the train to Madrid on your own terms.

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Thanks to everyone for the great advice. Now the work begins 😁